Updated May 2015

October 2014 

Dear Reader,

Following the introduction of the GħSL Online Law Journal last year, we are proud to announce that our efforts to build on the foundations laid by the previous Editorial Board are coming to fruition. Our goal this year is to consolidate the Journal’s presence, and to encourage students, graduates and professionals to continue submitting contributions relating to issues of legal interest.

The aim behind the GħSL Online Law Journal is not only to create and establish an open forum for contributors and readers to exchange knowledge, but also to keep the local legal sphere adjourned on the latest amendments and significant case law.

A shout out to our fellow students is due. For so many of us this period is one characterised by excitement and eagerness to learn. Unfortunately for the more experienced students, a feeling of indifference or alienation is nearly inevitable. We busy ourselves with balancing out our timetables and hustling through the Freshers Week crowd wondering how we’ve been at UoM for 5 years and never heard of MDT 122. Yet, I still strive to encourage these ‘veterans’ to re-discover the enthusiasm they once had, pick up a pen and explore beyond the border of your LLD syllabus.  

It is worth noting that this journal is only sustainable with the help of our colleagues, both professionals and students alike. So whether you are a fired up first year, seasoned sixth year student or practicing professional, we want you to see our Online Journal as your Journal.  It is both rewarding and refreshing to read articles published with the intention of strengthening our understanding and enthusiasm for the law and the legal profession. We therefore thank you for continuing to show an interest in expanding and developing our collective knowledge.

This month, we are eager to release a selection of stimulating articles ranging from the impact of the European Court of Human Rights on Malta, to Algorithmic Trading under Maltese law. And with that in mind, we wish you the best of luck for the new academic year, whether you’re finding your feet again, or re-familiarising yourself with old haunts!