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Louis XIV’s infamous statement, ‘L’etat c’est moi’, accurately portrays how the idea of Head of State immunity was viewed in the past when it came to International Criminal Law. The Head of State was considered to be...Read More

In this case, the applicant Mr Micallef applied on behalf of his deceased sister alleging that she had been denied a fair hearing because of her lack of opportunity to make submissions before an independent and impartial tribunal as required...Read More

This article summarises the case Dr Joseph Zammit Tabona et vs Charles sive Charlie Saliba, Court of Appeal (Civil, Superior), 6 October 2009, wherein the defendant was accused of participating in a robbery and with reference to article 1049 of...Read More

In her 2013 article, Ariane Aquilina discusses the Maltese law on tort and the notion of moral damages.  Read More

In this article, Magistrate Scerri Herrera explores the law and the principles that come into play when a Court passes sentence on a recidivist.  Read More

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