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Italian Jurisprudence has accepted the actio surrogatoria as an action which is available to the ‘buyer’ of immovable property against the prospective vendor where the latter has entered into a promise of sale with a third party in...Read More

In this case plaintiff is asking defendant to pay back maintenance, which he had paid to her as curator of her minor child. The parties separated by means of a court judgment given on the 30 June 2004 whereby plaintiff was ordered to pay...Read More

This article is intended to set out the key principles regulating and establishment of a trust governed by Maltese Law (Malta Trust). This piece was neither conceived nor has it been written with the view to be a treatise on the Maltese law on...Read More

In this article, Jessica-Ann Spiteri delves into the Parliamentary statements, the contextual background, as well as the legal aspects surrounding the recently enacted Cremation Act. Read More

This article focuses on the capacity to make a valid will under the Maltese Law of Succession, and on  the interpretation of these salient articles found in Chapter 16 of the Laws of Malta by our courts. It also discusses comparative law...Read More

This case is about plaintiffs Bezzina, owners of a property in Għargħur which was subsequently given to defendants Azzopardi under title of emphyteusis. On the expiration of the emphyteusis the title was converted into one of lease, with...Read More

This article will provide a general understanding of constructive dismissal in terms of Maltese Employment Law. The author shall delve into the development of the notion, its applicability within the industry, along with an understanding of its...Read More

The rise of the cyberspace and use of social networking have resulted in further facilitation of both human communication and access to information. However, the cyberspace has also become a newfound haven for perpetrators, including offenders...Read More

Malta is currently and positively being perceived as the veteran within the EU for having been the first to regulate remote gaming way back in 2004.  In a preliminary ruling, the European Court of Justice had memorably referred to the...Read More

Of all the current legal and political controversies that have topped the headlines in recent times, lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transsexual (collectively referred to as ‘LGBT’) rights have been particularly prominent. The late 2000s...Read More

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