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In this article on Algorithmic Trading, we look at how trading in financial instruments occurs through the use of computer algorithms with little to no human intervention. Algorithmic trading is subject to EU and national laws aiming to...Read More

In this article, Judge Giovanni Bonello considers the revolution in the sphere of Human Rights and the European Convention of Human Rights’ influence on the Member States of the European Union. Maltese legal and judicial developments in...Read More

Palestine and Israel: the conflict in the Middle East has been going on for decades, resulting in a significant loss of human life. The issue has been of concern to the international community since before the founding of the State of Israel,...Read More

This article considers the influence of the European Convention on Human Rights in relation to the presumption of innocence in criminal cases. The interpretation of article 6(2) of the Convention as a fundamental principle, and right in criminal...Read More

In this article, Professor Kevin Aquilina takes a look at Bill N.83 of 2019, which is proposing the creation of the Office of State Advocate, and the separation of functions of state prosecutor from those of legal advisor to Government.  Read More

Remote gaming has found a foothold in Malta and with growing influence, it brings with it new career opportunities and dynamism. This article briefly summarises Pentasia’s “Introduction to iGaming Course”  Read More

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