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Malta is currently and positively being perceived as the veteran within the EU for having been the first to regulate remote gaming way back in 2004.  In a preliminary ruling, the European Court of Justice had memorably referred to the...Read More

Of all the current legal and political controversies that have topped the headlines in recent times, lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transsexual (collectively referred to as ‘LGBT’) rights have been particularly prominent. The late 2000s...Read More

Louis XIV’s infamous statement, ‘L’etat c’est moi’, accurately portrays how the idea of Head of State immunity was viewed in the past when it came to International Criminal Law. The Head of State was considered to be...Read More

In this case, the applicant Mr Micallef applied on behalf of his deceased sister alleging that she had been denied a fair hearing because of her lack of opportunity to make submissions before an independent and impartial tribunal as required...Read More

This article summarises the case Dr Joseph Zammit Tabona et vs Charles sive Charlie Saliba, Court of Appeal (Civil, Superior), 6 October 2009, wherein the defendant was accused of participating in a robbery and with reference to article 1049 of...Read More

The rotating Presidency of the Council of Ministers remains one of the least well-known decision-making organs in Europe. The powers exercised by this body are far-reaching, extending even beyond its period of office. With an ever-growing and...Read More

The Dublin III Regulation1 entered into force on 19 July 2013, and is intended to serve as a recast of the Dublin II Regulation, which itself replaced the Dublin Convention in 2003. The original Dublin Regulation was a law that set out which...Read More

The notion of privacy is clearly linked to the idea of information flow on the part of the individual himself, who takes upon himself the role of ‘gatekeeper’, so to speak, determining which information related to their digital...Read More

In this article, we consider the main provisions in Maltese law regulating jurisdiction to tax under the Income Tax Act. This article also covers taxable capital gains, the questions of domicile and residence under Maltese tax law, with a brief...Read More

This article covers legal updates between July and October 2013. Most notably, Malta signed a double taxation treaty with Ukraine, bringing the total of such treaties to date up to 64. The Malta Stock Exchange was also designated as an offshore...Read More

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