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Competition Proceedings & File Access

Posted on 19-10-15
Written By: Dr Annalies Azzopardi

On 27 February, 2013, the Competition and Consumer Appeals Tribunal (“Tribunal”) handed down a decree during the ongoing litigation of Mizzi vs Enemalta Corporation and Water Services Corporation. This is the second decree handed down in these proceedings; the first dealt with the role of the Office for Competition (“OFC”), the national competition authority, in proceedings in front of the said Tribunal.1 This decree deals with another important issue: the extent a complainant may require the OFC to exhibit its file during competition proceedings in front of the Tribunal, and therefore indirectly, the extent of the complainant’s right to access the OFC file.

1 Applic. No. 1/2011 Onor. Joe Mizzi vs Ufficju għall-Kompetizzjoni, 21 March, 2012 (Competition and Consumer Appeals Tribunal). See A Azzopardi (2012) 5 Global Antitrust Review 189 (note)