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This article will shed light on what should be considered as the general understanding of a restraint of trade in terms of Maltese employment law. Natalino Caruana De Brincat delves into the salient provisions of the law, its...Read More

In this article Matthew Charles Zammit takes a look at the Dieudonné case, and its implications on the right to freedom of speech enshrined in the European Convention on Human Rights.  Read More

In this article Carla Farrugia discusses the implications and implementation of Article 15 of the ECHR and poses the question, should there be a balance between the needs of the state and the rights of the individual?  Read More

In this article, Therese Lia examines the legal consequences which arise from a State's decision to exit the European Union, taking the United Kingdom's recent Brexit decision as a case study, and discusses the legal options available to...Read More

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