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In this article, Andrew Sciberras examines the retiring age of the judiciary, offering his thoughts as to why members of the bench should be afforded a more distant retirement age than 65 or 68. Read More

In this article, Matthew Zammit examines the activism of the Court of Justice of the European Union to highlight its role in developing the EU’s legal order, primarily through the preliminary reference procedure. Read More

In this article, Dr Tonio Borg discusses Maltese and European Court of Human Rights case-law on pre-trial publicity, and when this can threaten the eventual accused’s presumption of innocence in criminal proceedings. It is a transcript of...Read More

In this article, Dr Elizabeth-Mary Quintano analyses the interpretation of the Maltese Criminal Code provisions on misappropriation, and the grounds and elements required for this crime to subsist.  Read More

In this article, Dr Eliza Borg Rizzo reviews the development of international space law and analyses its shortcomings, pointing out lacunae and points for future improvement. The rest of the article can be found in Id-Dritt XXIX  Read More

In this article, Martina Calleja delves into detail on the legal and customary principle of non-refoulement. This principle is explored from an international, EU and Human Rights perspective together as an obligation on a State receiving...Read More

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