How Does it Work?

Għ.S.L. has always taken pride in its prestigious law journal Id-Dritt. As most of you know, the latter is a physical journal, issued annually, popular amongst law students and professionals alike. The Għ.S.L. Online Law Journal will now stand side-by-side to Id-Dritt.

The new Online Law Journal is a step taken by Għ.S.L. and the appointed Editorial Board, to broaden Għ.S.L.'s exposure online, to get with the current 'online' trend, and to provide an online legal library and discussion board for academics, lawyers, students and the public. The idea is to have an easily accessibly and free website which a member of the legal profession, or any person interested, could visit for the purposes of acquiring information, a relaxing read about the legal sector s/he enjoys, or even to fuel debate online.