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In this article, Dr Elizabeth-Mary Quintano analyses the interpretation of the Maltese Criminal Code provisions on misappropriation, and the grounds and elements required for this crime to subsist.  Read More

In this article, Dr Eliza Borg Rizzo reviews the development of international space law and analyses its shortcomings, pointing out lacunae and points for future improvement. The rest of the article can be found in Id-Dritt XXIX  Read More

In this article, Martina Calleja delves into detail on the legal and customary principle of non-refoulement. This principle is explored from an international, EU and Human Rights perspective together as an obligation on a State receiving...Read More

In this article, Profs. Frances Camilleri-Cassar studies the possibility and benefits of a right to time in order to address working hour discrepancies between the genders and achieve a more gender-equal legal and actual reality. The rest of the...Read More

In this article, Chief Justice Emeritus Vincent A. De Gaetano elucidates the meaning and significance of the Rule of Law in the light of international instruments and historical events, and assesses the Maltese legal landscape in this context....Read More

In this article, Dr Tonio Borg reviews the constitutional provisions privileging the government and public authorities in the context of today’s jurisprudence and legal thinking, offering his thoughts on dubious and antiquated...Read More

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