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In this article, Ethan Brincat examines Chapter 52, and its role in the recognition and enforcement of foreign judgments in Malta, as well as certain procedures related to similar cases. Read More

In this article, Jurgen Micallef examines the Gender-Based Violence and Domestic Violence Act (Chapter 581 of the Laws of Malta) through the lens of Bill 84 of 2019, which proposed amendments to the law, as well as to the Criminal Code. Read More

In this article, Dr Caruana de Brincat takes a look at the recently promulgated regulations, which deal with the excavation, demolishing and construction of buildings which are adjacent to, or near the property of third parties. Read More

In this article, Professor Kevin Aquilina takes a look at Bill N.83 of 2019, which is proposing the creation of the Office of State Advocate, and the separation of functions of state prosecutor from those of legal advisor to Government.  Read More

In this article, Ms Spiteri discusses the right of compensation for damages involved with regards to medical liability, vis-à-vis Articles 1030 to 1045 of the Civil Code. Read More

In this article, Jessica Spiteri discusses the recent changes made to the Criminal Code, as well as Chapter 65 (Traffic Regulation Ordinance) of the Laws of Malta, which delves into traffic-related offences. Read More

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