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In this article, Ms Spiteri discusses the right of compensation for damages involved with regards to medical liability, vis-à-vis Articles 1030 to 1045 of the Civil Code. Read More

In this article, Jessica Spiteri discusses the recent changes made to the Criminal Code, as well as Chapter 65 (Traffic Regulation Ordinance) of the Laws of Malta, which delves into traffic-related offences. Read More

Grant Thornton International has just published the results of its Women in Business research. The results of the study are encouraging, as they show how the percentage of businesses globally with at least one woman in...Read More

In this article, Justine Xuereb discusses the Government Lands Act, which deals with the rights and obligations enjoyed by the public over property administered, or expropriated, by the Government.  Read More

In this article, Ethan Brincat discusses two pieces of legislation; Act IV of 2018 and Act XXII of 2018. Brincat discusses both the immediate changes brought by these legal acts, as well as the consequential aspect and the context in which these...Read More

With the present environmental issues affecting the islands, Mr. Brincat discusses the impact the Environment and Planning Review Tribunal Act would have on the decisions taken by the Planning Authority, as well as the Environment Resources...Read More

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