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With the present environmental issues affecting the islands, Mr. Brincat discusses the impact the Environment and Planning Review Tribunal Act would have on the decisions taken by the Planning Authority, as well as the Environment Resources...Read More

This article discusses, in brief, the new Sandbox Framework implemented by the Malta Gaming Authority for the acceptance of virtual financial assets, virtual tokens, and distributed ledger technologies. Such regulations will be enforced as of 1st...Read More

Upon ratification of the 1958 New York Convention, on the 22nd of June 2000, Malta has several international prerogatives it must consider in the recognition and enforcement of foreign arbitral awards. Indeed, Mr Portelli sheds light on this...Read More

In this article, Ms. Ungureanu discusses how the shipping industry is an essential pillar of international trade and global economics and how applying Sharia law-compliant financing could pose as a solution to those players in the industry...Read More

In this article, Ms. Cassar sheds light on the major changes affecting journalists’ rights, as well as the new defining factors for ‘defamation’ and ‘libel’. Read More

In this article, Justine Xuereb discusses the new Child Protection (Alternative Care) Act as well as its effects on Maltese civil and family law.  Read More

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